Notice for changes in defense application materials (Spring 2020)

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February 24, 2020

Dear graduate students,

Affected by the outbreak of new coronavirus, some changes in defense application materials for spring semester of 2020 occur as follows:

Please note that there is no change in requirements and deadlines for applying defense, and all types of graduate students shall follow strictly the notice posted on school website in January 2020 to ensure the quality of degree thesis.

Part I. Int’l master students

1.        Hardcopy of International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (I) and (II) will be distributed later.

2.        One hardcopy of thesis is not required for now.

3.        Submit the softcopies of Application for thesis defense form and Duplication check promise to  They must have a handwritten electronic signature from the student (e.g. insert a picture of your handwritten signature into the Word and then save it as a pdf), and please try your best to obtain your supervisor's signature. JPG./PDF are accepted.

4.        Submit the softcopy of your degree thesis (anonymous) and your supervisor’s approval (screenshot of his/her email) to for Format check.

5.        Please submit the documents of No.3 and No.4 in ONE email, and you will get a reply if your email is well received.

 Please contact your supervisor for help if any problem appears.

Part II. Int’l PhD candidates

Graduate School will soon announce a new thesis submission system, please be patient and wait for QQ group notification. You can prepare in advance the softcopy of thesis which has got supervisor’s approval.


Graduate Management Office